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The Weston Recovery Solutions provider network offers a number addiction treatment programs, coordinated recovery solutions and access to drug rehab centers for individuals living in Connecticut and throughout the nation. CT drug rehab centers - and centers anywhere else in the country - should be chosen with a thought for each patient's needs, beliefs and goals. The right drug rehab center will provide individualized treatment, as well as specialty programs tailored to their unique needs.

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NJ drug rehab in New Jersey
NJ drug rehab in New Jersey
NJ drug rehab in New Jersey
NJ drug rehab in New Jersey
NJ drug rehab in New Jersey

Why Weston Recovery Solutions?

Access to Expert Care

Helping people impacted by addiction & alcoholism is the core of the Weston Recovery Solutions mission. Our provider network includes the highest quality addiction treatment facilities, drug rehab centers and addiction recovery programs in the country. We've created a funding resources, travel and admissions program that makes finding the best drug rehab center - and getting there - as easy as possible.

Funding & Insurance Assistance

Working out funding for drug rehab - especially communicating with insurance providers - is complicated. The WRS team will work with you to navigate your insurance and verify what drug rehab programs your plan will cover. Our representative will inform you of your options regarding affordable CT drug rehab centers - or other drug rehab centers you're looking for - as well as any out of pocket costs, if any.

Free Care Coordination

WRS also provides no-cost rehab placement services for individuals in Connecticut (CT) and beyond. Drug rehab centers differ in the programs and services they offer. If the right rehab program is located outside of your personal travel radius, your Weston Recovery Solutions representative will figure out all the details.

Compassionate Staff

The treatment providers in our premier network employ dedicated and compassionate staff committed to giving patients the tools and skills necessary for lifelong addiction recovery. Counselors at CT drug rehab centers, and centers around the country should always be properly licensed and qualified.


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Drug Detox in Connecticut

Treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction often necessarily begins to participation in an alcohol and drug detoxification program. A lot of residential rehabs offer detoxification services as a level of care, but not always. Most common drugs of abuse require coordinated, medically-monitored detox protocols to ensure individuals safely separate themselves from their physical addiction to substances. Your WRS representative will work with you every step of the way when looking into CT drug rehab centers and detox programs in various locations throughout the country. It's the first major step in the recovery process - and you don't have to take it alone.

Connecticut Drug Rehab Centers

Connecticut Drug Rehab Centers

After completing detoxification, most people suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction enter into a medically monitored inpatient environment for addiction rehabilitation. Weston Recovery Solutions offers unique benefits to people seeking Addiction Treatment and drug rehabs centers in Connecticut. Our provider network connects people with the best facility to meet their needs: whether it's at CT drug rehab centers, or treatment centers in various locations throughout the country.

While in a residential drug rehab, individuals are monitored and educated as they identify the dominant factors underlying their addictions and patterns of relapse. This is the second major phase of the treatment and recovery experience.

Read more about drug rehab programs and effective levels of care here.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Programs

After completing treatment at inpatient CT drug rehab centers, clients often follow through with outpatient and intensive outpatient rehab programs. Outpatient rehab helps clients progress back into daily life - without compromising any of the positive changes they've made in their recovery. Most outpatient drug rehab programs offer services multiple times weekly at 2 or 3 hours per session.

Learn more about outpatient programs and CT drug rehab centers here.

Continuing Care Services in Connecticut and Beyond

Once formal treatment in an outpatient rehab is completed, clients usually continue to meet with their counselors or their treatment team to focus on issues common in the ongoing recovery experience. Continuing care programs vary in scope and care coordination. Contact a WRS representative for more information on rehab programs and drug and alcohol counseling services effective in helping individuals stay sober.

Read more about CT drug rehab centers and addiction treatment programs at various locations throughout the country here.

Recovery Resources

Treatment is just the beginning. There are various of resources available for people who have completed treatment at CT Drug Rehab centers or other addiction treatment and recovery programs. Contact a WRS representative for information on resources in your community, or resources in any of the large recovery communities operative throughout the United States.

CT Drug Rehab Centers may not be the best option for every Connecticut Resident

Connecticut is rich in culture and diversity. It's residents come from all walks of life. But even as there is a wide range of treatment services, CT drug rehab centers, Connecticut rehab programs, recovery resources and communities, there are just as many environments and associations that could trigger Connecticut residents and create unnecessary challenges in the path of long-term sobriety.

CT drug rehab centers are usually not the best option for these people. Often, individuals have to relocate to addiction treatment programs and rehab centers outside of their home state to separate themselves from unhealthy people, places and things.

Weston Recovery Solutions' integrated provider network offers access to a range of premier drug rehab centers outside of Connecticut. If you or your loved one are seeking admission to a rehab center in our network that is outside of Connecticut, simply reach out to a WRS representative to coordinate admission and travel.