Drug & Alcohol Addiction in New Jersey

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Drug rehab centers offer various specialty programs designed to meet the individualized needs of people suffering from addiction. Consult the below resources for information on substances commonly abused in New Jersey – as well as around the country – and for resources useful in finding recovery.

Alcohol Abuse in New Jersey

Alcoholism is a chronic addiction that affects the mind, body and spirit of suffering individuals. Alcoholism robs people of their health, family, career, friends, finances, and even – ultimately if untreated – their lives.

As alcohol is physically addictive, it’s essential that individuals seeking treatment and recovery at drug rehab centers in New Jersey or anywhere else in the country do so under proper medical supervision. This type of medically monitored care prevents the dangerous health risks attendant with alcohol detox. The first step in the treatment process is entering an alcohol detox program. The focus of detox is to cleanse a person’s system of alcohol and other substances prior to beginning coordinated efforts of rehabilitation.

Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

New Jersey isn’t much different from other states when considering the number of individuals addicted to cocaine and crack cocaine. Crack is available throughout the nation due to overwhelming demand. In New Jersey, Crack addiction has evolved beyond the borders of metropolitan areas to smaller towns and cities and even rural areas. Crack addiction poses a significant risk not just to individuals, but to families and communities throughout New Jersey and the rest of the nation.

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New Jersey Heroin Addiction Treatment & Detox Programs

The opiate epidemic is in full bloom. Heroin use and abuse – and of course, full Heroin addiction – is steadily rising throughout the country. New Jersey is no exception. Heroin knows no limitations – no race, creed, color or socioeconomic status. It impacts people from all walks of life and is abused by many Americans.

Like alcoholism, heroin addiction is a chronic addiction affecting the body, mind, and spirit of sufferers. For individuals seeking to recover from heroin addiction, it’s essential to seek a safe heroin detox in NJ. Or for people looking for treatment outside of New Jersey, there are heroin detox programs around the country. After detoxification, transition into residential or medically monitored heroin rehab programs at drug rehab centers is paramount.

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Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment in New Jersey

Crystal Methamphetamine is a synthetic stimulant manufactured in laboratories. Meth labs are usually located in rural areas that are off-the-grid, due to the powerful odor that emanates from the manufacturing process. Meth labs exist in New Jersey, as well as other states throughout the US.

Individuals suffering from Meth addiction find their quality of life deteriorating at a rapid pace. Methamphetamine usage causes people to become irritable, anxious and even dangerously paranoid. Methamphetamine addiction calls for specially coordinated drug rehab programs designed to transition users back into healthy life roles.

Designer & Party Drug Treatment

Party Drugs – also known as synthetic drugs or “designer” drugs, are known for their psychedelic, deliriant, dissociative and hallucinogenic properties. Common designer drugs include gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid (GBH), as well as LSD (Acid), Ketamine (Special K), and MDMA, which is the main ingredient in Ecstasy. These designer drugs are often abused by individuals in their teens or twenties, and are dangerously hallucinogenic – often used as “date rape drugs”.

There are various physical, psychological and behavioral ramifications for those who use and abuse these drugs over an extended period of time. When a person is ready to end their addiction, it’s important to seek proper care at licensed drug rehab centers in New Jersey, or any other state offering specialty programs throughout the country.

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Prescription Drug Rehabs in New Jersey

Prescription drug addiction is consistently rising throughout the US, and New Jersey is no safer than any other state. There are multitudinous reasons at the heart of why people develop addictions to prescription drugs. Often, drug prescriptions are written by doctors for legitimate reasons to alleviate pains or symptoms of mental health disorders. The most common drugs in this class are Opiates like Vicodin (hydrocodone), OxyContin (oxycodone), Darvon, Methadone, Percocet and Darvocet, as well as Sedative/Hypnotic drugs like Xanax and Valium (benzodiazepines).

Once people’s addictions evolve beyond the appropriate use of prescriptions, addicted individuals forge prescriptions or “doctor shop” at pain management clinics located in most mid-sized and major cities.

Drug Rehab Centers in New Jersey & Beyond

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